2. Product and Service Descriptions

– RI Luxury Pte Ltd makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all descriptions of Products on the website are as accurate as possible.

– Images are for illustration purposes and actual products may vary.

– Products should be kept to suggested storage conditions stated on the website and the best before period observed accordingly. RI Luxury Pte Ltd shall not be held liable for products stored inappropriately or beyond the best before period.

– Products may contain traces of allergens even if the ingredients list does not state them as an ingredient of a specific product. All Products are made in the same environment as products containing allergens, so we cannot guarantee that any Product is free from traces of allergens. RI Luxury Pte Ltd shall not be held liable for any adverse medical conditions and/or allergies arising from consumption of our Products.

– Non-edible items may be used as decorative elements with our Products. Please ensure that these non-edible items are removed prior to consumption.