Pure Delight from Switzerland

  • Swiss

    An authentic Swiss family heritage spanning decades from the first Läderach chocolate factory in 1962, the Läderach family continues pursuing their passion and commitment to luxury chocolate.

    That’s where we get our world-famous Swiss quality chocolates.

    The Läderach Legacy
  • Fresh

    Every Läderach chocolate is treated with the utmost of care, rooted in the Läderach dedication to freshness with premium ingredients and chocolates that are freshly airflown all over the world.

    That’s where we get our irresistable fresh taste in every bite.

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  • Artisanal

    Handcrafted with love and artfully designed by our Swiss chocolatiers, each Läderach chocolate is a mini masterpiece waiting to be appreciated and enjoyed by you.

    That’s where we get our chocolates that not only taste good, but also look good.

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