The Läderach Legacy

Läderach Swiss Chocolatier is a decades-long family business specialising in luxury Swiss chocolate. Our sweet beginnings are rooted in our founder's hometown of Glarus, Switzerland where Rudolf Läderach Junior opened the first factory in 1962. Through the decades, the Läderach family business has been handed down from generation to generation, ensuring sustainable quality products with strong values at the heart of the business.

A Unique

Chocolate Experience

Läderach is most famous for our delicious large slabs of FrischSchoggi (Fresh Chocolate), handcrafted without additives or preservatives by our artisans in Switzerland.

Enter our boutiques and be mesmerised by our counters filled with mountains of FrischSchoggi made with the best Swiss chocolate couverture and airflown fresh to you.

Select your favourites to gift yourself or your special ones and watch as your chocolates are weighed and sold to you by the gram.

A Brand with

International Presence

Läderach has expanded beyond Switzerland and flourished with its global appeal with over 60 boutiques around the world.

A Brand with


1962 Chocolatier Rudolf Läderach founded the company in Glarus, Switzerland
1970 Rudolf Läderach patents the revolutionary concept to produce thin walled truffles hollow spheres
1981 Opening the first store in Glarus. First export business overseas
1994 Rudolf Läderach hands the company over to his son Jurg Läderach
2004 Purchase of <<Merkur Confiserien AG>> - a chain of confectionery stores - in Switzerland. FrischSchoggi (Fresh Chocolate) original product is launched
2008 New brand identity <<Läderach - chocolatier suisse>>
2011 The third generation - Johannes and Elias - start their careers in the company
2012 Start of cocoa and chocolate mass production in Bilten, Switzerland
2012-14 Launch of new shop-concept to remodel all former Merkur shops into <<Läderach - chocolatier suisse>>
2014 The original FrischSchoggi celebrates its 10-year anniversary
2016 New extension of Ennenda site finished
2018 Johannes Läderach becomes new CEO of the group and his brother Elias takes responsibility for production and innovation

Managed by a Family that

Understands Luxury

The Läderach Swiss Chocolatier brand in Southeast Asia is managed by ROYAL INSIGNIA.

ROYAL INSIGNIA begun its history creating Orders, Decoration and Medals for members of the royal family, and since then has its fate constantly intertwined with royal courts from around the world.

Having mastered the historical art of medal making, the luxury house brought its impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional creativity to the world of fine jewellery and gifts. Providing their clients with yet another avenue to indulge in the unsurpassed style that is distinctively ROYAL INSIGNIA.

Just like the Läderach Family, the family behind ROYAL INSIGNIA is familiar with what it takes to run a successful business, catering to those who enjoy the finer things in life.